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Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog and photographic journal of all things Ford. Here you’ll find what I’ve been up to, the events I’ve attended, as well as a look into my personal projects.

I’ve always had a passion for cars. At the age of thirteen had my own Mini project, and from that point forwards I was hooked.

Once I was eighteen, I had my first XR3i, and even though the insurance was extremely high I cherished that car for five years. I’m currently the Editor of the XR Owners Club magazine, allowing me to put my graphic design and photography skills to good use.

My current project is a ’90 Spec RS Turbo, which I’ll be working on over the winter months.

I also have a YouTube Channel, where I vlog about everything Ford related. From car shows, my project car, car reviews and features of your fast Fords.

1 thought on “About Me”

  1. Hey Lucypitch, (hope my Engliosh is good enough … )=

    i found your Blog on youtube while looking some RS-Turbo Videos. I own an 1986 RS since 1992
    and drove it to 2006. Awsome Car ! Only two Repairs in this Years. Fuelpump in 2004 and Coolant
    Pipe, think 2000. I some Time wondering … Exhoust is the First !!
    But I am sad …. my Escort stands still since 2006, some Rust and Brakelines must be new.
    But the main reason is safety. The Escort is so bad in this …… therible! Look @ your accident with
    the XR3-i ….. the Roof gets down @ litle turn …… omg! No Wonder …. The Construction is from early 70`s !!

    In the Case of Safety i buy an 1999 Mondeo in 2003 and switch driving Mondeo/Escort.
    But Escort more less ….

    Now ….. i drive a 2005 Toyota Prius …… also famous Car.
    Will sell the Escort. Fun driving RS-Turbo
    is not worth serious injuries ! Look @ all new Cars arround you. If somewone hit you …..

    You ar a verry nice Girl ! Would be a pity if something serious happened to you …. i hope not !
    Think about this …. Buy a Focus, is much better.
    Wish you all the BEST and saft driving.

    Edd from Europe/Austria

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