Nut Job – Dave Mckee’s nut & bolt restoration

It was four years ago when this 1982 late carb XR3 was first discovered by a private collector, hidden in a garage where it had been stored since 1993. Dave McKee has spent the last three years chasing the car and was finally able to purchase it this year. The car was originally bought by a lady owner from Polar Ford in Bradford, and has only clocked up 44,000 miles from new. The car has all original panels, including the battery tray, having been Ziebart under-coated from new.
Dave’s first impressions of the car, were that it just needed parts recommissioning, so he planned on giving the car a quick overhaul but that soon escalated to full nut and bolt restoration. Little did he know!
After getting the car back and into the workshop, Dave and his mate started to remove the engine and ancillaries. It was soon dismantled, inspected and rebuilt. The engine was in great condition so a chemical clean and some new paint was all it needed. The cylinder head was cleaned and skimmed, 8 new valves where added, new stem seals, a new cam and tappets were installed.
Everything was put through the blast cabinet prior to receiving paint or powder coating. New zinc plated screws, bolts and brackets were sourced and fitted. The front panel was removed for replacement revealing some corrosion to the inner wing which was also replaced with a genuine one from Dave’s loft.
The interior, glazing and wiring loom were then  removed, and the underside was stripped back to bare metal ready for the car to be painted.
Dave has made real progress on this car, in a relatively short time, and we’ll be revisiting the car in part two once the restoration is complete. He’s always looking for another project, so if you have a Mk3 Escort xr3 or xr3i in your garage needing repairs, get in touch with him. He can be found on the XROC forum.

Dave Mckee's nut & bolt restoration mk3 XR3